Oprogramowanie onefinity

Witam gdzie znajdę do pobrania oprogramowanie onefinity? Czy jest online jak inventables?
I pytanie czy ten program będzie działać na płytce ardiuno uno?

Hello. Where can I find the onefinity software to download? Is it online like inventables?
And the question is whether this program will work on the ardiuno uno board?

That’s not how the controller works. The SW runs on the buildbotics controller, which is a combination of a Raspberry Pi and Arduino-like board. The Pi handles the UI and Camotics SW and the arduino handles the machine controller and stepper motors.

Hope this helps.


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Cyberreefguru you rock. This is why I love this forum. I didn’t have time to push this on Google translate earlier and felt bad about that. Love how this groups helps each other.