Post Approval in Limbo

I tried to make my first post over 3 weeks ago, with the spam filter automated response telling me that “A staff member will review your post soon, and it should appear shortly”… Is there a way to get my post out of forum limbo?

Looks like you’re good now :blush:

Unfortunately not… My long and detailed post from March 10th, that took considerable time to write, still does not appear in the feature request section. The “your post” link from the email that once took me to the post awaiting approval on the site, no longer works either. That would really suck if it has it been permanently lost due to 1F/site staff not paying attention or acting on it quickly enough.

I only see this current one when clicking on your avatar. Looks like the March one is gone.

Unless you’re a mod or admin, even if it does still exist somewhere in the system ether still waiting for approval, I don’t believe any sign of it would be visible to you until after ‘they’ get around to reviewing and approving it.

That’s a possibility. I clicked your avatar in the message and then again in the pop-up which shows your stats. I’ve never checked on someone that has a small enough post count to verify publicly viewable posts vs ones that aren’t. Interesting that you posted it but you don’t get “credited” with the post. It should probably be labeled “approved posts” in your profile.

I also don’t know what happens to deleted posts - I know they count in someone’s “read” count if they read it before it was deleted. I don’t know if they disappear from the creator’s post count even though it’s counted in other people’s read count.

Not terribly critical but kind of interesting on how Discourse handles things.