Post up them projects

Nicely done. A different medium besides wood for inlays. Opening up lots of possibilities.

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BTW, items used for the coaster:
Brass: 15° V (1/8" shank) for the engraving, 1/16" upcut (1/4" shank) for outside cut with last cut in reverse with .0005 undercut (removes burr).
15° V depth was .001, speed was 5ipm, plunge was 5ipm, router speed was 2
1/16" depth was .004, speed was 5ipm, plunge was 5ipm, router speed was 2
Wood: 1/4" upcut flat for hogging & outer cutout, 60° V (1/4" shank) at top for both inner and outer V cut. 1/4" ball (1/4" shank) for inside cut at bottom, 1/16" upcut for turtle cutout. Feed 100ipm, plunge 20ipm, cut depth .1, router speed 4.
Easy Cast Casting Epoxy (slow set) from hobby store. 6 hour initial set, 3 day total cure. A tiny amount of blue alcohol based dye & a tiny amount of white pearl flake. Light pass with heat gun after an hour to get rid of any bubbles.
Brown stain is OLD ENGLISH Scratch Cover for Dark Wood


I Used mineral oil. it looks great on cherry

Put this together for a buddy that is retiring. The weather would not cooperate with the painting and finishing so it took way more time than I expected. Used. the CNC to fabricate the rear mount on the barrel and engraving the name and dates of his last assignment.



Nothing big. Just a custom light switch cover for the switches that control my vacuum and air assist for my 1F. Cut out of 1/4 maple plywood using the 24w jtech.


New standing desk for my son. Space for his Ender 3, 3d printer underneath.


Can you give a ballpark of what you get out of something like this and your area your in? You don’t have to give specifics. Thanks in advance. Awesome work by the way!!!


Do you have this file or sell it? Would love to make same thing for my son, He just got a ender 3s1 pro

There is a local pasta shop that does classes and sells take-and-bake pasta. I was lucky enough to work out a deal with her to get these in the store!

Edit: I should probably clarify these are ravioli molds


Hello Ed … would you be willing to share the Aztec/Mayan calendar 3d file or a link to where I can get it ? Thanks in advance … clock looks cool by the way … the timepiece compliments the calendar …

This is definitely something I’m interested in doing, but haven’t yet gotten around to organizing my design catalog for sale yet.

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Made a batch of these for the church.


They look awesome….great job and thanks for sharing.

Did you make them all at once?

Three batches of 9. I yielded 25 of the 27 made. Used my small Catan board fixture to hold and locate the stock. I could have done all of them with the large fixture, but more risk there.

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Thanks for the info on the thought process and great job for a great cause!!

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First project using King ColorCore. It’s so much fun to watch the carve!


Nice. Where were you able to buy he ColorCore?

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Just wondering where you might if found the plans?

Piedmont Plastics. There are several locations