Post up them projects

BuyPlastic has the King ColorCore and the price is about half the price.

Wow, thanks Rex for sharing :+1:
I‘m glad you like it. Walnut looks great too, I love it. :heart_eyes:
It was a pleasure to share my plans with you.

Kind regards,

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Very nice! Beautiful graining & colors.
What finish did you use?

In a pinch, no time to wait for the 3D printer or an Amazon delivery, knocked out a couple corner clamps real quick :slight_smile:


this was a fun one, hope everyone is well…


Very unique and beautiful!
I wonder how it would have looked with half rounds of maple on the edges of the plywood…

The cookie box is 5.3125" wide, 3.25" front to back, and 2" high (external dimensions) Obtained the design from @Kiwiki.

Finish on the cookie box was a blend of mineral oil and beeswax. The same stuff I use to finish end grain cutting boards.

Started my Christmas gifts with this pile of pin displays for nieces and nephews who collect pins.


Great idea! I’ll give that a shot downstream. Thanks