Powering up Spindle without G Code for testing?

Is there a way to spin the spindle in the 1F controller without running G code? I just hooked up my VFD to the 1F controller and would like to test it to see if I hooked it up right but I’m not seeing a way to spin it within the controller.


Aside from using the controls on the front of the VFD you will need to use g code to start and stop it.

If you go to the MDI tab you can enter a command like which will turn on the spindle at 10,000 RPM (you should see 10000 on the display of the VFD):


Then issue the command to stop it:


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Can you use this for manually flattening a board?

The M3 and M5 commands just turn the spindle on and off, from there you’d need something to move the X,Y,Z to flatten a board. You could write the G code to do so yourself but probably easier to use a CAM application to create it.

I was thinking of using the xbox controller once it was up and running at med/low speed.

Yes you could do this using the bumpers to lock in x or y. I do this to do tramming on a small scrap of wood, but time consuming IMHO. Just create the file so you have it for next time, and the time after that, and so on… Should only take 10 minutes or so, and if not there should be several files posted in different boards on the basic square.

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I guess you’re right it should just be a flattening file that stays on the usb like wasteboard flatten