Precision Square for sale

I have a granite square I am looking to get rid of, any inquiries are welcomed. For sale, but would also take trade.

@Thekleff Alex, can you include size and a price? Is this truly a square, or is it a granite surface plate?

I can’t get the exact size right now. I am currently at work, I’m looking for $600-700

Ok, this is a standard Grade B (workshop grade) surface plate, not to be confused with a precision square. They’re probably quite square, but not certified for that, only certified for flatness. Depending on the size, this may require freight shipment.

I appreciate the information, it is extremely heavy and will most definitely require freight I assume

If it is at or below 150 pounds, don’t cheat yourself by going with LTL. UPS Ground will accommodate that.

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Are you in the market?