Price of Makita router?

Am I looking in the wrong spot or did Makita jack up the price by 40% for the router

It’s hard to find it under $120 right now. Probably to prepare for black Friday “sales”

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Thanks. It is $139 on Amazon and CPO has a reconditioned one for $89 is showing me $119.95 US and is showing $129.00 CDN. $20 US cheaper here in Canada given the exchange rate.

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Currently selling 2 Makita routers (1 used, 1 brand new) for $1600. Includes free Onefinity Machinist! :sunglasses:


Ha ha. Bill what happened? All that effort you put into your spectacular Machinist setup. Are you moving on to a different platform?

Moving, yes. To a different platform, no, not really. We’re moving, and I will have a bit less workshop space than what I do now. I will still have my little 3018 CNC router, which will still give me a machine to play around with.

I see. All the best in your move and thanks for all your enlightening posts. Your posts helped me decide on the 1F.

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