Project "Ballscrew Wipers"

Hello Team 1F!

While making some new way wipers last week for our lathe, I thought I’d attempt to better protect the 1F as well. I haven’t had any issues to date, but we go to a lot of trouble to protect our lathes and mills, especially the lead screws, and figured it can’t hurt to do the same to the 1F.

After a little trial and error, I feel like I’m getting close… these are printed in TPU (Flexible filament).

"Open Side" of Ballscrew:

Self-Lubricating Version:

Ball Screw Nut (X-35 axis):

X-35 Rail Wipers:


Here’s some testing after a little MDF cutting… besides the noisy rail wipers, I’m very pleased with the results.


Overkill? :slight_smile: :crazy_face: