Proper Shutdown on the Onefinity CNC

If the screen does not shut down after powering down and flipping the power switch:
There are times when the controller will stay on after flipping the rocker switch to off or, in the case of the led push button switch, it won’t power off the controller. This is a rare phenomenon but does happen from time to time.
What is happening is that the screens power is ‘back feeding’ it’s power through the USB cable that’s connected to the controller for touch, and powering the raspberry pi computer inside with very low voltage. Although it’s very low, it will still stay on.
There are two ways this can be solved:

  1. ensure the screen is turned off during shutdown or
  2. remove the USB C cable providing touch from either the controller end or the screen end.
    This will ensure that the screens power will not keep the controller in the ‘on’ state.