PSA: Shopping cart error

All, just an FYI not sure this will be an issue that reoccurs but it shocked me yesterday and took a while to disentangle.

I have been on the fence about ordering and have at various times to check prices, put a CNC in the cart. Finally decided yesterday to pull the trigger. I noticed in the cart that I had three machines. I presume these stayed as cookies across sessions. So I removed all but one of the machines and executed the order.

I immediately got a cart error and text and email from my bank/card. The cart had attempted to order 3 machines after all! My online card portal confirmed 3 attempts, yes it was three separate attempts not just one order at triple the price.

One strangeness, when I spoke to the fraud department they only saw 2 attempts. It took a long time to give up trying to get them to understand the question and then validate that, no, none of them had gone through, not just two failing. I ended up reordering, and that transaction went through as expected. Will find out Monday I guess is OF shows two are ordered for the price of one :slight_smile:

Anyway triple check your orders and probably best to clear your cache before pulling the trigger if you’ve ever daydreamed with your mouse button like I did.

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