Pwncnc 80mm 1.5kw spindle grounding issue

I just installed this spindle and VFD package on my journeyman X-50. When connecting the magnet on the probe block, both green lights for the probe buttons lite up, and cannot probe. When the spindle cable is disconnected from the VFD it probes fine. No green lights.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Could use some help

The Makita router is NOT grounded so the bit touching the probe block completes the circuit with magnet attached to the collet. With a properly grounded spindle like you have, attaching the magnet to the collet completes the circuit without bit intervention. I believe the proper procedure to probe Z with a grounded spindle is NOT to attach the magnet to the collet. DONT quote me on this but there are topics/threads on the forum that address this. Do a search with “probing with a spindle” for example.

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Hey Vince,

Please see here for details.


Unless you have ceramic bearings right?