PwnCNC brush will not stay in channel

The brush will not stay in perpendicular to the boot. It is under a lot of tension and always on the verge of popping out. I have used a screwdriver to push it down in the channel. It just pops back out again.

In the instruction video, it goes in much easier. It even seems to lean back the other way a bit in the back. I’m wondering if this brush is from a different supplier who uses harder plastic in the spine.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Did you a contact @PwnCNC? He provides great customer service.
A little file and heat gun may be all you need.

I emailed PwnCNC earlier this week. No answer yet. I tried to heat it up with a blow drier before installing. It didn’t help much. Not sure I will be filing anything before PwnCNC replies.

Thanks for the response, BTW.

Hello Marty, i’m not finding a pending email in the system. Can you confirm which email you sent to?

Brushes are sometimes like wrestling cats. They also have a limited “memory” of a sorts.

If the brush is too small to properly fit in the track, i’ll often take a small sliver of painters tape to beef up the brush “seat” which makes it perfect for pressing into the brush track of the boot.
If the brush is too large, i’ll take a box-cutter and gently shave the seat until it fits properly into the brush track of the boot.

In your pictures it looks like the seat towards the rear is too small for the larger brush track, so i’d go with the painters tape approach.

Unfortunately these brushes are mass-produced and oftentimes the seat-size isn’t perfect and varies between batches or even the exact same spool.

Let us know if any of these suggestions help get that brush sitting properly.

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Thanks for replying. I will give the painters tape a try and let you know how it works.

You were right on about the fit. The brush was 35 thousands narrower than the channel. I used three layers of card stock held together with double sided tape (0.030") to fill the channel. That stopped it from rolling. The brush looks a little frazzled, but this is from my earlier manhandling. I’ll be using it tonight.

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I’m no expert. But I had the same issue, and I saw from either onefinity video or pwncncs video, that there is a ‘correct’ way to install the brush. I can’t say for sure the correct way, but Everytime when I bent the brush, and the bursh folds inward, it pops out, BUT, if I fold the brush so the bristles are going outward, it holds in place, pretty damn securely. From the pictures you posted, it looks like your brissles are going inward and deff will not stay in place.

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