PWNCNC spindle and Dustboot mods

Hey all, I have found this forum to be helpful over the last couple of years of working with my Journeyman X50, and I like to give back when I can.

tl;dr - I designed a housing for the VFD keypad that also holds the probe block and mounts to my drag chain bracket. I also designed an insert for the maglock system that fits my 24w J-tech laser so I don’t have to remove the dust boot base that attaches to the spindle.

I recently installed the pwnCNC 80mm spindle in my Z20 and added the v10 dust boot that I made at home from the maker files they offer (which is awesome by the way!) Everything went smoothly and when I was trying to figure out where to mount the VFD I realized that with my setup (modified QCW wall mount on linear rails so it can slide/pivot down to be horizontal as well) I wanted to mount the VFD under the spoil board attached to the QCW frame. So I purchased the maker file of the mounting brackets and installed it, detached the keypad, and ran an ethernet cable to the location where I wanted the keypad.

I wanted to have the keypad in an easy-to-access location which is the “home” position for my x50 and also happens to be where my drag chain bracket (18x50) is attached to the frame. This is where I previously had the probe block stored so I combined the two and made this little housing.

After I finished that and had it working I realized that it was a bit of a pain to remove the dustboot every time I wanted to use the laser cutter so I drew up a couple of potential solutions that would mount it on the side but that would limit my X-axis travel. I then thought about the maglock interface and realized I could design and print an adapter that would use the system that is already installed and stays in place with magnets.

So far it is working, and I’ll post here if I have any issues that come up. If anyone has any ideas to make this better let me know, always looking for feedback.

Here is the link to the J-tech Laser adapter for the Maglock interface

Here is the housing for the Keypad/Probe block for the drag chain

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@makermatt Pure Genius! I’m going to try the laser mount maglock solution


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let me know when you can try it and how it works for you. I just designed a little receiver cup for my dust collector boom arm where the laser lives when not in use. Ill print that tonight and send some photos of it.

You’re becoming my new hero :slight_smile:

I printed the laser holder last night. There’s a “lip” right next to the maglock ring which prevents it from mating properly to the maglock ring I already have on the dustboot for the 4" hose to connect. Any thoughts about that?

Also, I have the 14W JTech laser…not sure how that’ll mount on the plate part of your print.

I’ll let you know when I have a chance to work all that out.

Looking forward to the “holder” you mentioned above.


Hmm I am not seeing that. The maglock ring (red on mine) slips over the end of the black adapter insert on mine and has that lip that stops when the diameter steps out about a mm. This leaves the portion under the maglock ring able to slip into the lower dust boot maglock ring (black on mine)

I just updated thingiverse with that additional stl for the wall mount holder. Let me know if it works for you. I am printing another one in PETG and then planning to hang it in the shop this evening.

@makermatt Just downloaded. I’ll print and try later today. I’m also considering designing and printing an “interface” between my dustboot (v10) and your laser holder since the magnets don’t line up between your holder and the maglock ring glued to the dustboot plate. I’m envisioning two maglock rings on a small coupler section of 4" pipe which will allow me to mate to both my current dustboot and your laser holder.

Can you send a picture of what you have? I would love to better understand what isn’t fitting. I printed three pieces last night in PETG (maglock ring, insert and the wall holder) and they are all fitting together smoothly.

BTW, when I printed your file, it was all one piece…

Ahh gotcha. I think I took that file down as I realized it after I uploaded. The insert and ring should be printed separately so you can align the magnets and the laser as each of the Dustboots can be slightly different rotation. I see the lip now that you were talking about. Sorry about that mixup. It should be corrected now.

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Thanks a bunch and no reason to be sorry…love what you’re doing man.

Just finished printing the wall bracket…looks like it’ll work just fine.

I’ll go download and reprint your updated laser holder now



Is it updated on Thingiverse now?

Yes everything should be updated. Sorry I didnt reply to this sooner