PWNCNC V3 clearance issues

Hey everyone! I have had my X50 for about 4 months now and I love working with it. My question revolves around the recommended Makita router and the PWNCNC V3 boot. I am having an issue where the router body hits the top clear cover before my bits bottom out on the spoilboard. I don’t feel comfortable lowering them much further in the collet than I have them now.

I wasn’t able to find anything so I figured I would pose this questions to the forum: Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have any suggestions for a fix?

I’ve had the same issue with the Onefinity (designed/made by PWNCNC) dust boot. The clearance of that top cover plate is just too tight. After destroying a couple of covers, I finally got it working by simply spending a decent amount of time adjusting the side rails of the dust boot itself; sliding them forward or back, installing the boot and slowly lowering the router (without turning it on!). Removing the dust boot, readjusting the rails, rinsing and repeating until it just slides through.

Luckily, since doing this I have not had any descructive carving sessions, and at least for me, the registration of the boot after being inserted is pretty reliable. I tried upsizing to the large diameter cover plate, but this just lets too much dust and chips through. I really think they need to make this opening larger by a tiny amount.


I have done that to the best of my abilities and even notched out the smaller cover to barely fit around the red spindle lock button. The issue is the body of the router itself.

If i want to carve anything deeper than 0.75", i have to use the larger cover plate. This larger plate is effectively useless at dust collection, from my tests with both shop vac and dual stage DC.

I guess more tweaking and a bit of luck is needed. I do appreciate the suggestions and will keep at it.

Happy Friday!

Hey Matt, hey all,

I don’t know if you’ve already thought along these lines, but this problem can only occur with dust boots that are not attached to the milling motor but to the X-gantry (like v2, v3, v4, and v8). A possible solution could be to use a dust boot that attaches to the milling motor like the v7.


Thank you for the suggestion! Not only have I considered that as an option, I actually designed it in Fusion and printed it:

The issue with this setup is that I have limited space in my shop and I am locked in on the enclosure/table for the CNC. Further, with my hold-down clamp setup, I run the risk of a collision with that style of dust boot. This is why I went with the PWNCNC: to have it be independent of the spindle and configure it as needed per job.

I guess that I need to accept the limitations of the smaller shield or just use the larger one full time. Once my enclosure is complete and I have the dust contained inside, I am sure that the lack of strong suction won’t be so bad. Now to find a good hardwood dealer near me…



I have toyed with the idea (but not yet tried, so this could be a complete bust) of affixing a flexible membrane -maybe from a balloon- with a centered hole just larger than the spindle collet nut to the top of the dust shoe so that I retain a mostly sealed vacuum cavity but the whole spindle can actually drop below the top surface (stretching the membrane).

Hey Matt, hey all,

you know you can make your own shields, see here and here. You could design one with the opening you need.


Aiph5u has the right idea! I banged the cover plate a time or two using some shorter 1/8" bits so I changed the 1" plate to allow for the the Makita spindle lock. It probably gives me another 1/2" of travel without breaking the plate. Dust pick up is still good and if I do still manage to break the plate, I can make my own replacements.