PWNCNC V3 VFD for sale

Upgraded to the Elite recently, did not realize my VFD was one rev too early to be used with it. It’s a PWNCNC V3 VFD, come with the power cable and the controller cable to the Buildbotics controller. 110V powered. It worked great with mine!

I’m in the Atlanta, GA, area, but can ship anywhere in the continental US. $150 including shipping.

Pending Deal currently

For the buyer… send it to us for $150 (VFD Enclosure Upgrade – PwnCNC) to get it upgraded fully to a v5. That’s a great deal over a brand new v5 vfd.

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I considered that, but being without my CNC set up for a week isn’t really an option for me (and I don’t want to have to reset in my makita router).

If you had an advanced replacement service or sold refurbished V5 units/bought back ‘core’ older units, I’d do one of those in a heartbeat. I know that’s probably a relatively low volume avenue of sales for you, and might cost a lot more to manage than its worth.

I’m even having a hard time waiting for the 20% off sale next Friday - I’m afraid you’re going to sell out or I’ll wind up on back order…lol.

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That’s a good idea on the refurbished units. I will look into what we need to do to make that happen.

Totally understand the sale-wait… but rest assured we are doing a whole lot of investment in our supply chain management. We’ve implemented a cool software that uses AI to predict sales. Every day we’re entering information and the more we give it the more accurate it becomes with suggesting purchase orders for us to make and when.

We have a quarters worth of VFD’s in-stock today and another 5-months worth arriving end of month.
As far as motors, we have hundreds on order and they’ve finally started to arrive… and we’re shipping orders now dozens every day to catch up and even then we’ll still have plenty of stock for the sale :wink:

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Is it a good enough idea to earn a super-secret-sneaky advance 20% discount on a V5 VFD?