Recommended Rotary?

For me, the primary enticement to move to the Elite series was the addition of the rotary capability. I see one YouTube video on using a rotary with the MASSO controller, but it is just music. Is there a recommended rotary for this new Onefinity/MASSO controller?

I’m not sure that Onefinity will develop a rotary, as it could mean very different things. It could be a horizontal axis such as those used with lasers, or a vertical application - I built a tangential knife earlier that I controlled with Masso.

You really can do anything with the 5th available ‘A’ axis step/dir controller output signals. The 4th ‘B’ axis must be the one slaved to the Y axis with Masso, and I imagine that is what Onefinity has done to take advantage of the auto squaring feature. You just need another driver, unless Onefinity put one inside their - yet to be detailed - Masso enclosure that is shipped with their machines/future upgrade kits.

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You are correct. Out of the 5 axis available, only one is free due to both y’s using an axis, intended for a rotary.


Do you know yet whether your electronics enclosure will be produced to include a driver, or will you leave that up to the user depending on the 3rd party rotary they decide to use and its application?

edit: We used a masso stepper for the rotary we tested in house which has the built in driver :stuck_out_tongue: All that’s needed is a rotary.


Are you able to provide the details of the driver you chose, as well as the panel mount connectors? I understand if this information will come out later with final documentation/videos etc…

Right That’s why I started this thread; I need to get a rotary. JTech has an outstanding rotary with their laser setup but I have yet to see a recommendation for non-laser. I’m thinking somebody in this community has experience with such and they will bless us with their knowledge.


If you are referring to the type used for milling wood, most people I imagine will buy the sets made overseas and available from the big online sellers.

You don’t have to use an extra axis on the Masso if connect both Y motor drivers to the same Y output. You will lose the auto-square feature if you do that.

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Hi… Do you guys recommend any specific rotary that works good with the ELITE - MASSO system?

will the rotary be useful for laser engraving?