Road map for future development

It would be nice too have a road map with some future plans for the onefinity.
Not necessarily "on this date this will be… "
But rather a small look into that may come down the line, things that r & d is working on and what is planned to do next.



I second the motion!

I third that motion!

Great, that would be nice.

While I agree that it would be nice, in practice features stay on the roadmap for years so it’s not very informative.
While a curated roadmap (features about to be delivered) is, in practice, not very different from regular product announcements.

I’d add to what Ben said: roadmaps are a recipe for your competitors. I wouldn’t put anything market advancing or leading into the public domain for lots of reasons. If you are just looking for a general timeline for future software features, then sure.


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Nice as it would be for us, product roadmaps are highly guarded by companies. Not only to beat competitors to the punch as the Guru mentioned, but to not “sell futures” and kill their own sales as people choose to wait for the “new and improved…”


My opinion is any ‘roadmap’ or development timeline should remain internal to the company.

As much as we, the end users, would like to have a glimpse into what’s going on in the Onefinity skunkworks it is not a good move for Onefinity. Sorry if that bothers anyone but it’s the truth and Onefinity owes us nothing in this regard except for whatever they choose to share.

There are a number of reasons but one of the biggest I can see is why would any company want to publish what new products or features they are developing only to have the competition jump in and rush their own version to market and steal (not really a steal; that word gets used in a negative context too often these days; maybe more of a divert) sales away.

As the consumer we’re wanting to put our hard-earned money into the latest and greatest tech. Can’t always afford to buy twice. I understand that and been caught up in the “upgrade now before it’s too late” game a few times in my 60+ years. But you have to think about this from the company’s point of view too. They can’t afford to invest time and resources into development of a new feature or product only to have it copied and be undersold. By publishing a timeline, they are basically telling the competition hey you have x number of days to replicate our new product and beat us to market. That makes it easy for company X to scale their manpower and resources to bring the project in ahead of you, and thereby siphon off all your initial sales which are what pay for all the engineering that went into making the new widget. The copycat products show up soon enough after a new widget is released for sale. No need to give company X a jump start to undercutting your sales.


I get your point, but I think it depends - a few upgrade features will (1) show a company worth investing in with respect to buying the product, (2) may tip the balance to buying the Onefinity should a feature that is available on another machine but not yet with the Onefinity feature on the roadmap and (3) a niggle with the existing product that is in the correction/upgrade pipeline.

Agree that “Cutting edge” innovations may be locked in the top-secret draw but be mindful to give new potential buyers a heads up near launch; else they’ll be aggravated when their recently purchased product is suddenly not the latest version (I believe Carbide3d did this recently - not a lot of happy shoppers there).

For me, I’d like to see 4th rotatory axis (controller, hardware…), release plan for some of the controller features that often crop up on the forum, an option on an 80mm air-cooled spindle pre-configured for the onefinity (would give many installation headache relief). I’m sure there is more, that in my opinion, would feature in the top-secret draw.