Road map for future development

It would be nice too have a road map with some future plans for the onefinity.
Not necessarily "on this date this will be… "
But rather a small look into that may come down the line, things that r & d is working on and what is planned to do next.



I second the motion!

I third that motion!

Great, that would be nice.

While I agree that it would be nice, in practice features stay on the roadmap for years so it’s not very informative.
While a curated roadmap (features about to be delivered) is, in practice, not very different from regular product announcements.

I’d add to what Ben said: roadmaps are a recipe for your competitors. I wouldn’t put anything market advancing or leading into the public domain for lots of reasons. If you are just looking for a general timeline for future software features, then sure.


Nice as it would be for us, product roadmaps are highly guarded by companies. Not only to beat competitors to the punch as the Guru mentioned, but to not “sell futures” and kill their own sales as people choose to wait for the “new and improved…”

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