Roller Hold Down for Cutting Felt

is it possible add a Roller Hold Down for Cutting Felt on F1?

Morning Murat, I assume you are taking with that drag knife and NOT the spindle, there is no way to cut felt with a spindle. OR are you cutting it with the laser? Need a few more details.

If I was cutting felt, I personally would get a think sheet of metal and use neodymium magnets to hold it down. That is essentially how I hold cloth in my Glowforge Pro when cutting it. You could use light tack spray adhesive, double stick tape… but other than the magnets I do not know of a way to hold it down outsides those areas.



I would say any modification like that is possible - just requires a little creative engineering. I have seen vacuum tables used with various types of tangential knives for this purpose as well.

And even vacuum tables with double roller hold-down. Very nice.