Screen Flickering, Blank, or Black Screen, Random Happenings (EMI)

EMI, Flickering, Black or Blank screen, Random Axis movements:

If you have verified you have the cables connected correctly (screen MUST be connected to wall power) and the screen is blinking on and off during a cut, you may be experiencing EMI. Ensure you have the controller and screen on one outlet, and the vacuum and spindle/router on a separate circuit/outlet.
Remove any power strip, surge protector or battery backup, If that does not correct the issue, consider placing ferrite cores on each cable that connects to the screen:

Also, never have your spindle/router cable run in parallel with the unsheilded motor wires.
Lastly, ensure your dust collection is grounded.

What is emi? Electromagnetic interference - Wikipedia

Symptoms of not connecting correctly, touch doesn’t work and screen flickers black.


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