SOLD - For sale; dust boots and touch screen

I bought and never ended up installing either dust boot from 1F , Infinite Dust Collection Kit (Includes Suck It Pro and PWN CNC v8 dust boot kits. selling both for 100$ or 50$ each plus shipping.

Also have the 10" touch screen that I bought with my 1F, all cords, and power block in original box. will include the magnetic mounting bracket as well. Not sure what I was thinking when I bought it originally, only had it out of the box for a couple days. Then just went wireless with my work computer right next to the cnc. 90$ plus shipping

also have the 65mm spindle mount for sale 50$ , doubt anyone needs another, worth a shot trying to sell it.

Do the dust boots include the mounting bracket?

Yeah, I will take a picture later today when I get home.

Still have screen???

No, everything is gone. It won’t let me update the topic to show sold, sorry.