-SOLD- Onefinity Woodworker for sale -SOLD-

Without going into detail I am selling my Onefinity. It has never been out of the box. Boxes were opened to check for damage and that was it. I added on the laser, joystick controller and touch probe.

My loss is your gain. Get yourself an early Christmas present. Not looking to make a profit from it, just to recoup my money.

DM me for price.

do you still have this for sale? what do you need to get out of it?
did you Register the unit for warranty?

Located in SLC, Utah

How do I dm you for price?

Im seriously interested. Let me know what you want for it.

Is this still available?
Very interested.

I live in Davis County and am interested in your One Finity. What are you asking for it?
Email: laytonretired@gmail.com

Please message me. interested in purchasing your machine. email me at; j_nnya@yahoo.com thanks.

I live in Utah county and I am very interested in buying this from you. I don’t see a way to DM you but if you could reply or DM me or email me at scottinventions325@yahoo.com, I would like to talk to you about buying it ASAP.

For everyone unaware of the DM feature, click on the person’s username (above each post, next to their icon / avatar), and then click on the “Message” button.

Ahh, some of y’all must still be on forum probation.


I was wondering if that was the case. They don’t trust us noobs yet.

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maybe. please check your Dm. looked as though they let me send one to you.