Spoil board system

For those of you that may not be on the FB group. I made a pretty good (i think) spoil board system.
here is the link to the etsy files i made… and a YT video explaining a bit about it .



Very nice and well thought out Ryan! My Onefinity is expected in 1 month, can’t wait.

Awesome man… its everything you hoped :slight_smile: trust me…

Awesome system Ryan… Great work!

I’m using a sacrificial system as well, mine is just Jr. High vs your IV League version. I think its time for an upgrade on my end. I think the best part of you’re whole layout is that everything references off of itself… which IMO is what takes it over the top!


Nice work - I like this. Will definitely consider it for my setup.

Are the dog holes 3/4" or 20mm? (or something else I guess, but those seem to be the 2 primary sizes). I picked up the Kreg ACS system as I’m expecting to have to be modular in my new smaller setup and like the fold-away design. It uses 3/4" holes, whereas Festool uses 20mm I believe.

Funny you should ask… I use these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FRLZ9H3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Which state 3/4" holes are 3/4" and they fit fine.
However I too own the Kreg dogs, and they are too big for these holes… strange :).

Hey Ryan,

I was looking at buying your Etsy file but are you saying that the Rockler bench dogs wont fit properly in the board the way you have it designed?

If that is the case would you mind adding a set of the files with the BD’ holes adjusted to fit the Kreg Plastic ones? I have more blue stuff in my shop than almost any other brand (Aside from Ridgid) :crazy_face: so if that was an option I would be willing to drop the $15 on your files.

Thanks again,

I can probably do that… Or I provide the SVG file which you can easily just scale to meet your needs… I know a couple people that modified the bench dog holes to fit 20mm or something of their choosing.

Thanks for the reply Ryan, if you don’t mind doing that I’ll pick one up.

To your SVG comment, do you mean you already include SVG files in your download or you could do that? It is not really clear in your description (or I’m just not seeing it) what the file contents of your files are. Might be good to add what the files are .dfx, , svg, fusion… etc.


Attempting to purchase on Etsy, won’t let me purchase, asking for personalization. Any thoughts?

just type none, or something in there… not sure why its requesting that… I add my own personalization in there to join our FB group lol.


That certainly looks good :slight_smile:

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It’s getting there. This was my first “real” thing that I’ve done. I changed the file up for 1" MDF and made a few other tweaks, but I couldn’t be happier.

I did mess up on a few holes, but not upset at all. Just learning so I won’t beat myself up too much. Won’t make the same mistake twice (I hope). Always learning.

Ryan - This is amazing and thanks for the great Etsy service. I emailed and you emailed right back!

Tomorrow - the sacrificial boards, clamps and brackets.

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I have Rockler and they fit fine.

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Thank you very much for the kind words marqus. as always, im available to help.

I am going to make a doghole mod to fit true 3/4 dogs. I have the kreg ones, and the ones I bought are not quite 3/4". So ill make a new set of boards for true 3/4"
thanks again

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Looking forward to it Ryan.

Also the BD’s I use are the blue plastic ones, the reason for this is if the router does accidently pass over them it will just cut the BD vs break a bit or worse. I said the ones I used were Rockler but I was mistaken by the Blue… They are the Kreg plastic BD’s which are .7468" in diameter, a 3/4" hole is what I have drilled in my assembly table and they fit perfectly.


I really Ryan’s concept and will reward his creativity by buying rather than designing my own. I might, however, modify slightly and use T-nuts rather than inserts, depending on the feedback I get here.

Since this concept relies on high accuracy in the placement of the hold-down thread locations (jigs like right angle fences might span across multiple sacrificial strips and must still line up, for example), is there any reason to believe that t-nuts by their nature would be less perfectly aligned than threaded inserts?

As long as they all align, it will work. Im not as familiar with t nuts, but they should be largely the same if the alignment works.
You are right tho, it relies on accurate in the placement of the holes/threads. Im lucky that I have a dead on nuts table saw and of course a great CNC to align things.
The whole idea here was this . Once its done 1 time great, you are good forever. As long as you use the sac boards when doing through cuts. Ive been using it heavily now for a few weeks, and i love it. However like any system you cant account for everything, so there are times I still have issues finding spots to clamp etc. Unless I add 50250fb25 threaded inserts to the board, there will always be compromises.

It’s the “…as long as they all align…” that I am questioning - it’s possible to run a threaded insert a little crooked of course, but I am wondering if hammer pounding t-nuts is even more prone to not centering exactly in the clearance holes cut by your files.