Stuck in jogging after a stop

Using 1.1.1. In the middle of a carve I hit stop. Then grab the joystick to retract z out of wood. Get everything squared away and ready to go again and display says jogging. Jogging wont go away and I have to do a restart. After restart all is well. I can go in and do a carve. Only time it hangs on Jogging is after a stop command.

Hi Derek,

Is this behavior consistent? Does it happen every time, or only once in a while?

I ask because we’ve been chasing this problem for a while now, and we’ve made progress - in our testing, and for most customers, it seems to rarely if ever happen.

If you’re seeing it frequently, we’d love to get on a call with you, and try to understand what’s going on.

I would say its 50-50. I normally don’t stop in the middle of a cut. I had a file that was behaving badly. And I also can make it happen on other files. More than happy to talk about it.

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I’ll send you a DM to coordinate a call.

@onefinitydevteam this happens to me constantly, several times a day. It’s maddening.

on the same subject, for a machine that (in my case I guess) crashes frequently, what is the reasoning for losing the zero position on restart? It has caused me to have to re zero with slight inaccuracies, and affected my work badly. I don’t see why you can’t make it an option on restart to “maintain previous zero position”. It would make these frequent jogging crashes way less irritating and also people wouldn’t have to leave their machines on overnight, etc. I do not see any advantage to forcing everyone to re zero on a restart when they might not want to.

it also happens during the probing process. If I realize something is wrong with my probing setup and I hit stop, it will go into the jogging thing and a restart is the only solution.

The other massively annoying thing is that in 1.0.9 oftentimes these restarts when it asks if I want to home the machine and I say no, it seems to assume that the router position is the home position. So the router won’t go to the left of the X, even if it’s in the middle of the board. But the option to home at that time is greyed out. So I have to restart again and home then. And then zero again.

Basically meaning that I have to restart 2x and home and then zero when all I was trying to do was zero.

Not great.

@onefinitydevteam would you be able to help me out with this?

Paul, I’ve sent you a DM to coordinate a call.

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The “Have to restart if you ever stop a job and do any jogging” is a huge pain and I’m glad it’s being addressed (to some degree of success) in the latest firmware version. I’ve been holding out on the 1.1.1 update because I’m always careful about newly released software code. And from what I’ve read here it sounds like there are some issues which is very typical. It’s sort of the old “The known dragon is better than the strange serpent” or whatever that saying really is.

This forum helps and I’m hoping to make the jump to 1.1.X as soon as some of the issues get worked out. This constant restarting, re-homing, re-probing, etc. is getting quite old. It’s frustrating, to be certain, but it is still a fairly young product and the support folks are pretty responsive.

I just had it happen to me for the second time as well. Was hoping to find a way to get it to respond without shutting down. The last time this happened to me, the restart did not fix it. I had to do a full shutdown and boot up to get control for setting my x, y and z.

I’ve had this happen when I have a very large file loaded (like when doing a laser photo engraving). With the file selected and I jog the machine it will get stuck in “jogging” and take forever to come out of it. It seems like it is having to read the whole file again every time the machine stops moving. Once I selected a smaller file in the drop down menu the problem went away. I ended up doing all of my probing, moving, etc. first and then right before I am ready to run, select the correct file and hit play.

yes yes.

i very much hope they figure this out. It is absolutely maddening.

It would be one thing if it was just inconvenience for the restart. But losing my zero and then having to re zero in the middle of a job, my work quality suffers. It is really awful.

I’ve been having the same issue. It’s annoying for sure. Wondering if there’s a command that would take it out of this mode?

Who here has experienced the “stuck in jogging” issue on v1.1.1?

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I have had this issue, but only when a very large file is selected in the drop down menu.

I am still on 1.0.9 but estoping a program disables the joystick jogging as well. But the screen is still able to jog. Hit Z+ on the screen once then the joystick jog is working again. This has always solved it for me.
See if it will work on 1.1.1

I am experiencing this issue with 1.1.1. machine locks up and it says jogging. Most recently it happed today while i was setting home for my laser. used the M3 S1 command to fire laser and machine froze and said Jogging. i had to restart the unit it wouldnt even let me use M5 to turn laser off.

It happened to me just earlier today, when attempting to probe xyz. Selected to shut down and walk away for a few minutes came back and it worked

I have had this exact issue in 1.09.

Happens to me every time i stop. Have to restart the machine. I just figured it was normal lol

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