Touch Probe for sale (sold)

Will ship anywhere in lower 48. First 80 dollars gets it. Like new.

I will buy - why selling?

My email is Paypal work?

When I ordered my Onefinity I didn’t ordered the touch probe because reading in the forum most people were using the paper method to set up the Z axis. Well I have gotten better and now doing multiple tool changes for things like raised lettering and the paper method worked just ok not perfect leaving a ridge of wood around the base of the letters and I would have to sand just to get that little ridge out, if that make sense. So I went online and looked for a probe and someone had one virtually new and I bought it from him. Well a friend of mine surprised me and didn’t know that I bought one online so he went to the Onefinity website and surprised me and bought me one so now I have 2. The one I bought online I did use twice and if works perfect. If you still want it I can deal through PayPal. I am not sure if PayPal charges a fee if I send you a request for the payment but it might be easier if you just you PayPal me the $80.00. I will try sending you the request first and let you know. I will also need your address to ship it. Once payment is sent I will send the probe to you and email you the tracking number. Thanks Matt

Is this available still??

Sorry no it was sold and I never thought about taking it off the listing. Again my apologies

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Mind sharing the probe you bought online? Probably not here so we save 1F some competition.
I am a paper Z set up user as well but an option to save for future alternative it is always useful.

The probe that I bought was the Onefinity Probe only because its plug it in and it works. Once I started doing some raised lettering the paper method for the Z probe just wasn’t accurate enough. I am 100% satisfied with the probe especially how quickly all 3 axis’s get set up. Get one you won’t look back