[UK] Potential Group buy?


I have spoken to Onefinity and they have said ok for trying to organise a group buy to get shipping cost down.

So are there any other (apart from me) who would like to participate in a group buy?

As Onefinity can pack 6 on a skid - it would probably be best to get a minimum of 6 units. But we can save a great deal on shipping - and can do “one” stop customs/vat handling so not everyone gets hit with single processing fees - rather just one large fee split between all.

I have ground level easy access warehouse capacity to take in the machines and can get them loaded onto further in the UK distribution (warehouse UK south) - collection is of course possible as well.

Machines would preferably be all paid in full before order. But if someone wants to only put down a 15-25% deposit - it will be possible - but it would become non-refundable if machine is not fully paid upon receipt/soon after receipt of the units in the UK. That is to cover costs and risks for me of selling the machine to someone else (eBay fees are 10-12% so I do not think that is unfair) - All prices will be based on the US$ rate on the day of payment to Onfinity.

About me : Have been an X-Carve user for a few years but want better quality. You can look up my eBay profile for history since 1998 (user: kaz911) - further info on PM if needed.

Best regards


Hey @Kaz did you get any further interest with this? I need to check a few plans but could be interested.


Hi Matt,

not a lot of interest - so I have purchased a machine for myself. So consider the subject closed :slight_smile: