Unable to connect to controller via browser

I upgraded to firmware 1.1.1 from 1.0.9 two weeks ago. I regularly connected on my network from my computer in my house to the controller in my garage using Chrome browser, usually, on a Windows 11 Dell laptop. The laptop is almost always connected to my network via a wired connection. My network is a mesh network using Eero access points/routers. The access point in the garage is connected to the house network via a wired connection. The 1F controller was connected via Wifi using a reserved IP address. The controller is within six feet of the access point in the garage. Prior to upgrading the firmware, I would regularly connect to the device after creating the toolpaths in VCarve Desktop and would load the tool paths up to the controller.
After upgrading the firmware to v1.1.1, I could no longer get connected to the controller via a browser. I tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge. The result was always the same, the browser would make the initial connection but I would only get the spinning indication that it was trying to load but would eventually fail. The tab on the browser would indicate “Onefinity CNC - Web Interface” so it was making the connection but the web server on the controller was not sending the content of the page. I tried many things. I could ping the controller. I tried making it a wired connection to the controller in the garage. I opened a telnet session on TCP port 80 and it would complete the connection but a Get command would not retrieve any code. It would occasionally connect, after a reboot from the touchscreen on the CNC or from cycling power. However, if it did get connected and the screen displayed, if I refreshed the screen it would again fail and show only a white screen. Finally, I found that I could reliably get connected using Safari on an iPhone or iPad.
I used it in this condition for a couple of weeks and went back to transferring the tool paths to the controller using a thumb drive. Yesterday, I started having other problems with the touchscreen interface. I was unable to enter gcode commands on the MDI tab.I could type the commands but clicking the play button did nothing. I was also unable to jog the device with the arrow buttons on the screen but I could use the wireless controller. Finally, I started a tool path and realized that I wanted to reset the Z axis zero position to I hit the pause button after it lifted the router from the material and clicked the stop button (not the E-Stop) button the the square button next to the play/pause button. This caused the screen to become unresponsive. The tool path drop down was greyed out and I was unable to get anything to happen on the screen. When I realized I was going to have to reboot I went ahead to reverted to firmware v1.0.9.
After reverting to v1.0.9, I can now connect to the controller via browser from my laptop again.

I am having similar issues as Kris. All three of my web browsers are not properly connecting to my controller since the v.1.1.1 update.

My controller is connected to my home network via ethernet. My Mac is connected via wi-fi. Before the update I could easily connect to my controller while using Safari, Firefox, and/or Chrome. My controller is assigned a static IP.

If I’m vigilant enough to continually “refresh” my browser’s window, the controller will almost always connect to the browser…eventually. I’ve cleared the cache and all history from browsers to no avail.

I will give your v.1.1.2 Alpha update (that you mentioned in a post on FB) a try later today or tomorrow.


I’m now having this problem as well.

Same on 1.1.1 and again when I upgraded to 1.1.2. Sometimes the web UI works, sometimes not. Very frustrating.

Thought I’d tack on here as well. I am still working through the initial set-up (stuck on a spoilboard problem) but decided to get the OF hooked to my network. Purchased and installed a wifi extender this evening and it finally recognized my network. It says it is connected to the extender (wifi signal icon is blue) but still won’t show the IP address. I’ve disconnected and reconnected a couple of times as well as rebooted a few times. Anyone else have this issue?

Are you still running the newer firmware? If so, you have to go into the network settings under menu to find the IP address. It is not displayed on the home screen like it was with 1.0.9 and earlier.

Yes, I have 1.1.1. I go to the network menu, see that the extender is connected. Right above that is the space for IP address but it is blank.

I have reverted back to 1.0.9 so I can’t go in and see it myself but it sounds like it hasn’t been able to get an IP from the network. Is it possible that you are looking at a place that would display the IP if you had a wired connection and a wireless connection shows up somewhere else? Are you able to connect to the extender with your phone or a laptop and get Internet access?

I had this same issue and reverted back to 1.0.9 as well and it worked for me. Hopefully Onefinity is able to fix this bug quickly.

same bug here. 1.0.9, 1.1.1, 1.1.2 all have the same issue, says I’m connected to the network but no IP address and my network management software doesn’t recognize that it’s trying to connect. I’m back on 1.0.9 using the controller as an access point for now.