Update 1.1 WiFi bug

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong but now when I connect to Wifi and start to download a file from my computer, it disconnects. I’ve never had this issue with the previous software version. I had to use a USB stick to transfer the Gcode to the controller. Has anyone else experienced this?

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I only had 1.0.9 for a short while (still setting everything up). I did setup Wifi on it, and it worked fine. Then switched to 1.1.1 and so far the wifi has been unusable, I have been using USB for transfer. Admittedly I have not done any detailed trouble shooting yet, due to other priorities.

Will get to that in a day or so probably.

I am having the same problem, after updating to the new firmware, 1.1.1 the wifi is not working! It was working fine with the old firmware. I have a very strong connection in my shop (I have a mesh network node in my shop so have very strong signal.) I cannot get the wifi to get an IP address from the DHCP.

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I am having the same issue. First, the controller doesn’t want to find my network, but can find everyone else’s in the neighborhood. Once the controller finally connects to the network, the controller will disconnect from my computer in the middle of uploading my file.

Everyone, Drop your email if you’d like a developer to reach out and investigate this for you.


I could not find a solution, so took the quick way out, and purchased a wifi extender with a network port, so I can put it near the controller and plug it into the controller network port. Then disconnected from any of my wifi access points.

@OnefinityCNC happy to have devs reach out tas.ranson@outlook.com

I also noted that 1.1.1 was supposed to deal with the Stuck in Jogging mode issue, but I have still seen that. Though it only occurs if I have restarted and not homed before jogging.


Can no longer connect remotely with WIFI after the new update. WTF? Was working just fine before. Now what?

Found a fix, you have to reinstall, with password, your internet connection again into the Network settings. Whew!


Yes, I had to do that too, input the network name and password after upgrading.

I had another issue, the wifi address was not displayed on the controller screen anymore, (192.168.86.xx), so I had to guess and try the last two digits. The last two digits change after rebooting.

Today, same thing, it will not connect again. WTF!!

Hey techs at Onefinity, you had this working before and now it doesn’t work, please fix it. I can’t keep doing this everyday, it is a collasal waste of time.

I have tried several time today and it will no longer connect to wifi. How do I go back to the other version?

Support helped me out today, I have gone back to the previous version, unchecked automatic updates and everything is working as before, no problems at all connecting. Thank you Support!!


need wifi help dpjeansonne@gmail.com