US Army Retirement Gift

A few fellow Soldiers and myself purchased an X-50 journeyman to make unique plaques and gifts for retiring Soldiers. Unfortunately the learning curve to create something that will compare to this milestone in their life has proven very difficult. We are willing to pay for assistance in creating a nice gift for these guys.
I have five Soldiers retiring in 15 days and we are still at the drawing board.
We are familiar with easel and working knowledge with Fusion 360. Operating this machine and navigating the CAD/CAM is a unique skill that we are slowly learning but it makes it impossible to find local help or phone a firend. I can make simple cutouts and engravings but we are looking to make 2.5 images of our Unit crest and the American flag.
Any suggestions, guidance, or help would be greatly appreciated.
SFC Stokes (570) 280-5886

Hey Randall,

Check out this site. Us army retirement plaque files - Etsy CA
Great idea by the way.

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I am a VCarve user, so may not be able to help specifically with Easel or Fusion 360. But I would be happy to take a look at your artwork if you need some images vectorized or cleaned up.

What is the best way to send you the images? The unit crest I pulled from wiki and got it to cut, but it needs to be cleaned up. I have tried multiple time with no success.

Thank you for the link. I will definitely use some of those.

You can post any images here or upload them to the Dropbox link below if that works better for you.

I had to make some guesses on the crest since the Wiki image is pretty blurry. Also, without knowing exactly how you want to carve this, Iā€™m not sure how best to deal with the overlapping of the banner and shield. Let me know if this is sufficient or if you need some additional edits.

SVG Vector File ā€” No outlines (right click, save as)


SVG Vector File ā€” With outlines (right click, save as)