V1.1.1 Dropdown List Sorting

I hope I’m just being a bonehead and missing something obvious, but after 1.1.1 upgrade my toolpath drop down is no longer alphanumeric sorted. I have about 100 toolpaths in there and a bunch of them are sequential (or should be) such as projectx_01, projectx_02 and so on.

Is there a solution to this? Am I missing something obvious?

It appears it is sorting my newest created toolpath, which is really not ideal at all for my workflow.

@ryang This is actually an interesting question, the answer to which I haven’t seen anywhere. Is there a way to arrange the listing, alphanumericly or by date? I don’t have anywhere near as many in my list( yet) but still find it confusing to find the toolpath for the top of a project 3rd in the list while the bottom toolpath is somewhere near the bottom. Is this just yet another example of my clueless computer illiteracy. I’m fine if it is, I seem to have many such examples. :roll_eyes: If someone could enlighten me though, I would appreciate it.

Holy smokes - I depend on alpha-numeric sorting for my project workflow. Sorting by file date is definitely not going to work for me. H-E-L-P !!!

Ugh. Well I’m glad at least it’s not just me being an idiot. @OnefinityCNC do ya’all have any input on the issue?

Something on our ‘to do’ once we iron out the recent 1.1.X firmware is to ‘redo’ the file management, because, we’re aware, it’s…lacking.
We’ve looked at where we are now vs where we want to be. Do we invest time and $ on firmware fixes for sorting now when our very next release they’d be gone and we’re focusing on completely rebuilding the file management? For now, it makes sense to leave it as is and invest the time into the next build with rewritten file manager to bring it to the masses faster.
For now, If you want to go back to 1.0.9, you can ‘upgrade’ back down to it via the faq section usb upgrade file and stay on that until the next build comes out with the rewritten file manager.
We hope you understand!


How about a link to the file for downgrading? Thanks.

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They’re always on the forum in the firmware section:


Thanks @OnefinityCNC, that’ll get me where I need to be in the interim.