Vac or Dust Collector suggestions (noise issues)

Looking for suggestions on dust collection or shop vacs. I’m almost definitely going to have a cyclone of some sort between the 1F and the vac. Noise is definitely an issue, I’m in a mixed use space with a lot of people around.

Someone mentioned this HF 1hp dust collector, and that it might be quieter than a vacuum. That was surprising to me but I don’t know anything about them. Would that work with a regular cyclone? I have a dust deputy that I could use although it’s taller than ideal, I was thinking about getting one of the Home Depot dust stoppers instead.

I’m unclear on the safety of running shop vacs for long periods also.


Listen here and you’ll notice you can barely hear the dust collector over the noise of the router.

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We have a proper dust collector in my school’s shop and when it’s on, you forget about it! Only when somebody turns it off do you realize it’s been on this whole time! When we cut wood, we are using a standard vet/dry shop vac, but the dust collection system is hooked up to the 2 chop saws we have in the shop, and no the CNC, because we also cut aluminum on it.

Thanks for that. Any thoughts about the Harbor Freight one I linked to? I have never pondered getting a dust collector before but this one seems to get good reviews.

Looks decent from what I can see online. Be careful with this one as the bag is horizontal which might present some problems concerning space, but it all depends on what works best for you!

As for the HD dust stoppers, are you talking about the thing you slap onto a 5-gallon bucket?

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yeah the bucket ones. They seem to be reasonably competitive with the Dust Deputy and lower profile.

I like the HF collector because I could fit it under my table (which will likely be on casters. And then block the whole thing in for noise.

That’s a great idea. I might have to look into that one from HF. We have a similar setup in our shop! If you have the budget, go for the HF one rather than the 5-gallon bucket one. It has almost triple the capacity and will be more convenient to empty out than a bucket!

I have both the the Oneida dust deputy and the HD bucket topper, the HD one has a lot of pressure drop through it the bucket collapses, the Dust Deputy does not have hardly any.

I tried the HF 1 HP shown with my HD Dustopper. The HF uses a 4" hose and the Dustopper is 2.5". Reducing the HF to 2.5" drops the suction too much to be useful. I swapped out the HF 1 HP for their 2 HP unit and picked up a 55 gallon food drum along with all the 4" hoses and accessories, but haven’t put it together, yet. In the meantime, my Craftsman (6 HP, 16 gallon) shop-vac does a decent job with the Dustopper. I needed to double up on the buckets for the Craftsman since it sucked the sides in (as @PezWoodworks mentions), but the equivalent Shop-Vac brand did not. Also, I can’t speak for the Craftsman longevity, but the two previous Shop-Vacs (6 HP, 16 gallon) have not made it beyond the 1 year mark for me.

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