Wall Mounting Forman Pro

Is it possible to wall mount the Forman Pro as only difference is the extar width so no additional weight issues on the motors

Yes it is possible although not advisable or tested. Warning, a fully kitted foreman pro weights over 400lbs.

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So a couple extra drywall anchors then? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d suggest adding Liquid Nails too, it’s good for 20lbs/sq in :wink:


Hello. Can I ask what a 'Fully Kitted" machine consists of? I am expecting a Foreman Pro soon and was hoping to mount on the wall with the x rail movement going from left to right as recommended by 1F. But I thought I had read that the machine was in the 200lb range. Can you please clarify?

add the router/spindle, dust boot, cables, wasteboard, qcw frame, wall mount and you’re going much higher!