Warning, Don't Buy from PwnCNC - (Addressed by PwnCNC)

PwnCNC sent me a dust boot with a defective brush. I sent them pictures of the damage and they just ignored me. I will never buy from those people again.


Did you try emailing them again? I have a hard time believing that they’re just brushing you off. Maybe your email got caught in a spam filter or something?

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Oh I emailed them 3 times, got a response each time, and then when I requested a replacement, nothing.

That is unfortunate to hear…I have had the exact OPPOSITE experience. Great quality and response with several of the products I have purchased.


I have had similar experience to @bjesswilson and I have heard many people recommend him. He may be having something going on because I got an autoresponder at his IG for the first time.

Hello Gerald, i’m very sorry for the delay in responding. I took my family on a very rare vacation this past week. I’m in IT and although our website (https://pwncnc.com) looks very professional… it still only represents a 1-man hobby shop (well… 1-man and 1-wife part time helping out with shipping).
Unfortunately this means that if my family goes on vacation, the shipments stop completely until I return. I have a few people helping out with comms and they try their best, but they’re volunteering.

I’m back and catching up on all forms of communications and will have all orders processed tomorrow. I took off my day-job Monday to catch up on everything.
I’m sad to see that you’re publicly trying to shame me (err ruin my business) after less than a week. I’ll think twice next time about taking a vacation.


Being a general contrarian in life I might now have to buy something just because I was told not to…


I ordered a Dustboot V7 from PwnCNC a couple of months back. Service was excellent and the Dustboot is working great. Daniel went the extra mile getting it shipped to Australia when the USPS stopped shipping here. Excellent service and products!


Always great Service from Daniel and PwnCNC! One of the best.

Running the v7 and tons of clamps!


Perhaps the OP might consider updating the topic title given that there has been an explanation given by the owner, or perhaps in the future once they feel their issue has been satisfactorily resolved.


OP should publicly apologize to PWN, and once that is done, the moderator should delete this post. And PWNCNC, don’t ever put your family’s memories and quality time second to a business. Take those vacations. Make the memories. This is just one person who needs to apologize, but you know your own worth. Focus on the truth and stand in it.


Just ordered a big pile of Mag-Lock fittings the other day. I’m pretty excited to finally get my dust control under control in a much more convenient way.

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My experience buying from PwnCNC is similar to all the other users that replied to this thread. Excellent service and products! I plan to order again from them.


If you need a fitting for a tool or something that doesn’t already exist, reach-out to me via support@pwncnc.com I’m happy to design additional MagLock fittings to expand the collection.


Adding my support to Daniel here. I had a part break and he replaced it without question. 100% will shop at PwnCNC again.


I have placed multiple orders with Daniel and had nothing but a good experience. The fact that the OP came on here to try and discredit a very good business is just sad. Daniel does need to receive and apology. Maybe the original poster should look at what options can be purchased with your 1F and realize that the V8 Dustboot offered is from PWN CNC …


I think is wired that you got a response 3 times and not once was it noted that the business was temporally closed. I do wish more business, large or small, would put “out of office” responses in there emails to solve a lot of this negativity.


Really considering going with PwnCNC. Who here has bought a complete spindle/VFD kit from them (or him)?? Love to get some experiences and feedback. (Not dust boots or the like.). Thanks!!

I haven’t gotten the spindle (yet!) but had a great experience getting his dust boot.

Here https://forum.onefinitycnc.com/t/how-high-should-i-mount-my-spindle/12609/14?u=mitch is a good description of a happy spindle customer.

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Here’s a post that might have what you’re looking for.