What is the Best Dust Boot for the Onefinity

With three (3) dust boots available, which is the best? Or is there another out there?

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It’s probably a matter of preference and how you use the machine, the spindle, and size and location of your dust collection hose.

If you go to etsy, there’s a whole lot more than 3 options. I like the Kraken Dustimator because of its compact size and magnetic brushes that can be removed easily for tool changes.

How I decided. Searches, reading reviews, and watching videos on YouTube of them in action.

GL on you choice. Don’t sweat it too much. If you don’t like one, another will probably be better.


I started with the suckit dust boot. Cracked it. Bought a spindle, 3d printed various from etsy and modified another from amazon but went back to the suckit.

Why: i wanted to see bit in action which is possible with the clear cover. I wanted to be able to remove it easily. I wanted it to not move with the spindle.

I had to do two changes: (1) i bought some 2mm polycarbonate and cut my own clear inserts because i had broken the bought ones, polycarbonate is tough and i needed to move the center hole when i changed from a makita to a spindle. (2) i had to 3d print a hose connector so i could use a 4 inch pipe.

Best to see what works for you.


Hey Wayne,

generally there are different possibilities for the attachment of a dust boot.

If you use the Onefinity Suckit Dust Boot or the other dust boots mentioned above that do not go up and down with the milling motor, you will notice

  1. as they do not move out of the way when the milling motor moves downwards, you will break the acrylic Dust Boot Shields frequently and in this case, it is good to make your own shields and, as @AndyP already mentioned, not to use acrylic but polycarbonate/TPU instead, as recommended and described here or to buy here and here.

  2. When making your own, you could design one with the opening you need, e.g. one with room for the Makita hand trim router’s shaft lock as shown here.

  3. As @AndyP already mentioned, if you switch from the stock 65 mm milling motor mount to the optional 80 mm spindle mount, then the spindle’s shaft center (and subsequently the machine’s entire cutting area) will be located approx. 19/32″ / 15.1 mm more towards front. Either you take this into account when designing your own polycarbonate dust boot shields, or you modify your Dust Boot Arms so that the Dust Boot can be fixed in a position further forward, like shown here, here, here (with opening at the end), here (with opening at the end), here (with video showing quick-lock cam release for height adjustment (must see!)) and here.



Aiph5u, this is an incredibly beneficial contribution, and was very generous of you. Thank you!

I love this place.

Hey Festdewaltkita,

thank you, that is kind of you. I think generosity is too much of an honor. I like to collect and store information, and so I can return it well.

I have found a lot of knowledge in the forum that has allowed me to assess the possibilities of the Onefinity machine in advance, including the limitations, but also many topics and hints that go beyond that. I like to watch how people solve some problems, many have good ideas.


If you go with the Suck It Dust boot. (My boot of choice.) I make magnetic quick swap plates and a holder for it. Let you quickly change the diameter and it is made out of polycarbonate. :mechanical_arm:


Hey John,

not to forget your Suckit Dust Boot Polycarbonate Replacement Arms

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Ah yes… Those are less fun to make but people need them so I make them. Thank you @Aiph5u.

I use the sweepy 2 from carbide3d. It fits on my er11 router/Makita clone, also from carbide. I used these on my previous Genmitsu CNC before purchasing the 1FW50.


I have the Kraken Dustimator and it is perfect… imho it is a better design than the PWNCNC options.


Another vote for Sweepy from Carbide3D. It clamps to the router and moves with it so you don’t have to worry about it crashing into anything.


I tend to mostly do 3D carvings with a lot of variations in Z height, therefore a static dust boot that does not move up and down with the spindle works best for me. I went back to the Suckit dust boot after trying a couple others and ended up making flexible plates for it as I kept breaking them :+1:


Oooh! Love that idea! I broke one already myself. Can you let me know what material you ended up using?

I put my dust boot on the rear because I also have a laser and no front mounted dust boot seems to work well with the laser mount plate installed, there are still cases where the laser mount plate hits the boot when working with thicker material.

The downside is that my z-height was reduced.

I still have yet to figure out the best solution, and I have looked at them all (afaik). If anyone has one they built/purchased which works with the laser, I would be interested!

Here is my boot:


They are made out of TPU:


Will this fit with the makita router setup?

The Sweepy dust boot will fit the Makita router. One thing to watch out for when using on the Onefinity is that it can bump against the Z Slider frame when if it goes low enough. If this happens, the magnetic section may shift or try to come off. I hit mine with a sander to shave off just enough so that it will slide without rubbing.


Thanks good to know. I just ordered the journeyman and I think I’ll pick up the sweepy too. Any other must haves? I got the new touchscreen (hopefully it’s better than the previous model from what I heard) and need to pick up a wireless controller and some bits

Hey Lacrosse12,

if you use the search function of this forum (e.g. what do I need, or what is recommended), you will find that this has been asked and already answered frequently in the forum. See e.g. here and here.


Depending on how/where you mount your controller, you will probably need cable extensions. I also added drag chains to help with my OCD.
I’d keep the initial bit purchase fairly small until you figure out what you want to work on most. I’ve found that “sets” usually mean I’m buying a couple bits that never get used.
There are tons of add-ons on Etsy that you can get. Hose boom, end cap covers, holders, the list is pretty extensive.