What is the Best Dust Boot for the Onefinity

Hey Wayne,

generally there are different possibilities for the attachment of a dust boot.

If you use the Onefinity Suckit Dust Boot or the other dust boots mentioned above that do not go up and down with the milling motor, you will notice

  1. as they do not move out of the way when the milling motor moves downwards, you will break the acrylic Dust Boot Shields frequently and in this case, it is good to make your own shields and, as @AndyP already mentioned, not to use acrylic but polycarbonate/TPU instead, as recommended and described here or to buy here and here.

  2. When making your own, you could design one with the opening you need, e.g. one with room for the Makita hand trim router’s shaft lock as shown here.

  3. As @AndyP already mentioned, if you switch from the stock 65 mm milling motor mount to the optional 80 mm spindle mount, then the spindle’s shaft center (and subsequently the machine’s entire cutting area) will be located approx. 19/32″ / 15.1 mm more towards front. Either you take this into account when designing your own polycarbonate dust boot shields, or you modify your Dust Boot Arms so that the Dust Boot can be fixed in a position further forward, like shown here, here, here (with opening at the end), here (with opening at the end), here (with video showing quick-lock cam release for height adjustment (must see!)) and here.