Where to Buy in Canada

Looking for an x50 woodworker as my first CnC

Company website is only in USD, yet its a Canadian Company?

We’re located in Toronto Canada, our website is in USD because the majority of customers are in the US and the world runs on the US dollar and we’re world wide.

Does the product ship from canada? Im asking because of duty / taxes

Yes! It’s coming from Toronto! :wink::fist_left:

Is there anywhere in Vancouver BC that I could purchase a unit?

Yes, your computer if you are buying new :slight_smile: They are bought online and shipped to your door. There are no distributors, stores, etc.

I’m in Toronto, can I drive up and pick the machine from your factory?

That is what I do. I would just call/email to confirm. If memory serves, you leave a note in the “Notes(?)” box when placing your order, asking to do a pick-up vs delivery. You will be contacted when it is ready, and later be reimbursed for the delivery charge.

The 1F team will correct me if I got this wrong.

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I live down in Seattle and have a lightly used Journeyman that I would sell so I can buy the Elite series. If you are interested message me.

Hi there,

What are you looking to get for the unit?


I have the QCW (mount from below), the wall mount, controller, touch screen and the Journeyman X50. I would like to get $3200 USD out of it. I have had it for about 3 months. I would be happy to meet you up at the border.

I appreciate the offer but it’s a little too rich for me as I still have the exchange rate.