Why USD and not CAD $

I’m new into cnc and now in the market in buying one of these machines but I see there location is Ontario like me but sell in USD ? Was wondering why .
Also was wondering what machine would be a great starting point. What I do is make acrylic display cases at my shop and want too up my game with a cnc machine.Any input would be great and bits as well . Thanks

The first question is better question for @OnefinityCNC. You may want to contact support directly.

As for you second question, depends on how big of acrylic cases you want to do.

As for bits Amana Tool 51405-K & 51515-K Spektra Coated SC Spiral Single Flute are both great. I use them both to cut polycarbonate.

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Great thanks for your help. Is there a site for speed settings? I make a lots of custom cases with my table saw and fuse weld the acrylic together then use my router table to clean everything up.
I tried posting a pic for you but since I’m new to site it won’t let me post.

Here is link to Amanas chart.

If you use V-carve or Fusion 360 and have imported the library. It should pull the speeds and feeds automatically.

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This might help explain it …

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Thanks for the info.
Can’t wait to get my machine.Will take my display business to the next level I’m sure.


That’s where the largest market is. It’s all about the money - wise marketing.