Wifi on new Firmware v 1.1.1 not working

I have recently update my firmware to the new ver 1.1.1 and now can not get the wifi to work. It show connected to my network but will not get an IP address from the DHCP. I cannot connect to it remotely. It was working fine on the old firmware. I have a very strong wifi signal in my shop (I have a mesh network node in my shop with 1G wifi internet in my home). I am not sure what or why you changed the wifi in the firmware but the new version is not working and this upgrade made things worse!

I mentioned to 1F that the WiFi info no longer displays on the main control screen.

To see what IP address has been allocated, when you power up your 1F, you need to go to Admin and then Network (Total pain in the Ass, extra unnecessary steps).

Did you check the IP that has been assigned? Depending upon what other devices are on in my house, my 1F IP address changes frequently…

I’m on version 1.1.1 and my WiFi is working fine. I’m using Orbi Netgear Mesh 6.0.

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I agree it is a pain to have to go to the network page to try to see the IP address, but mine in blank! it shows connected to my internet but no IP address shows up. When I search on my network it shows it “offline”. This is very frustrating, I had my system working smoothly with my processes in place, now it is taking me much more time to transfer files and not being able to load or monitor the system from my office where my computer is set up is very upsetting.

Agreed, seems this update was two steps forwards and three steps backwards.

Being an ex Software developer of 40+ years, I never understand when functionality is removed for no apparent reason or not thoroughly tested before release.


I just updated my firmware this morning and didnt even notice this. i dont see it as an issue myself. i connected just fine never had to change anything. ive not ran anything yet but plan to later this evening. gonna make the grand kids a few games and send them in the mail
I did probe just to see the new change. i kinda like the bit dia selection they did in this update. sems to be more efficient this way.
what else is new in the firmware upgrade? thats why im in here searching the forum lol

thats odd I just updated and its not caused me any issue like you are experiencing
I use old outdated wifi router nothing special simple network conf, all works just as before
id say its in your network config. idk im no network specialist lol
good luck that stuff can be frustrating i know

as the saying goes if its not broke dont fix it lol

Update to my original post: I have been working directly with Onefinity to work through this issue (Onefinity has the best customer service, they go out of their way to work with you!). I was able to connect to my WIFI by dedicating and prioritizing an IP address through my router and mesh network, though this is not consistent, actually sporadic at best. I have since bypassed my WIFI and run a dedicated internet cable (I am lucky that I had internet cables to my shop) through a switch to my router and turned off the WIFI in the Onefinity controller. Now that I have a dedicated network connection I am getting a different issue with my controller. If it sits idle for 30+ minutes my “local host” disconnects and sometimes allows me to “reload” the page and sometimes it will not reload and I have to reboot by turning off and back on. The current troubleshooting is leaning toward that I have an issue with the hardware in the controller, maybe the Raspberry Pi is going bad, will contact Onefinity and start working through this issue but wanted to update everyone following this post. Bottom line is that I do not think it is a “Firmware” issue, just coincidental that it started when I update to Firmware 1.1.1

That is strange indeed. I noticed today that the control page froze up on me after loading in the second toolpath. Reloading the page seemed to correct the issue but it was definitely worrisome.

Also having issues with the WiFi not registering an IP address, don’t really have the option of running a dedicated cable unfortunately. Fortunately it is not really an issue as I often use the USB to load jobs, missing the remote camera option though. Hope they come out with another update soon.

already a public alpha build up on this very forum: 1.1.2 - alpha 1 firmware

Fantastic, I missed that!
Thanks for the heads up, will try it out tomorrow.

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I am having the same problem but I don’t have the option to hardwire the internet. Hope to get 1F to respond.

I am struggling to get connected to my wifi. I have a wifi extender in my shop about 5 ft from the controller. It was working in the previous version before I upgraded.
I can see the wifi connection identified in box for my shop local extender.
The IP address box shows my Onefinity address – is that correct or should it be the wifi extender address?

What should be in the “Host” box? Client, Onefinity, wifi extender name??? What does “Host” refer to/ mean/definition? I tried every combination with no success.
Does the IP address get displayed on the home screen as in version 1.0.9? Or what? How do you know it was successful ?
please give instructions.

upgrade to the 1.1.2 beta and try: 1.1.2 - alpha 1 firmware