Woodworker 4 sale Europe (SOLD)


I am selling new unused originally packed:

  1. Woodworker X35 32x32“, stiffy upgrade
  2. Without router/spindle
  3. 10.8“ touch screen Onefinity
  4. Original controller Onefinity
  5. Accessories:
  • Onefinity Laser kit (Jtech 7W Pro version)
  • Onefinity Suckit Dust Boot Pro
  • Onefinity Large set Oops Clamps
  • Onefinity Joypad
  • Onefinity 3-Axis touch probe
  • Onefinity cable extensions
  • Onefinity Breakout Board adapter

Located Central Europe EU, customs cleared, available immediately.

Contact me if interested.


Hi, can you tell me the price whit shopping costs for italy? Tks, br Federico

Hi Federico,

good morning to Italy. To calculate shipping cost, I need to know your location in Italy. You can send me private message.

The prices of the Woodworker and accessories correspond with the official pricing on the Onefinity website, in addition there is the transport cost including all customs fees and handling by UPS equal to 450 EUR. There is no VAT for the moment, as I bought it on my registered company. So in case you buy it for your business and you are registered for VAT in EU, there will be no VAT for you. ln case you buy it private, there will be VAT applied on top.

Hi Josef,
i’m from Genoa, Liguria - Italy and I would eventually buy it as a private.
Please tell me the total cost you area asking for because between accessories and currency conversion I don’t know how to evaluate it.

Hi Federico,

as I informed you in private message, the total for machine and accessories is 2600 EUR, total for transport and customs is 450 EUR. Plus VAT on top in case it is for private use. Transport within EU from my place is max 100 EUR but I am ready to cover that myself eventually.

Cheers, Josef

All the above sold to a happy mate from Slovenia. I do believe he will enjoy it as much as we all do.

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Hey Josef,

may I ask, why did you separate yourself from the machine?

I bought two, one for my friend. But he could not take it in the end, so I sold it. I keep my woodworker, not planning to separate…