Woodworker +accessories for sale

Hi there,
Due to a recent move in an appartement my woodworker machine has become useless. Hopefully it can be to some more use to someone out there. I am in Luxembourg and can ship it as well.

Woodworker machine #47 in original box
2 makita routers
Laser jTech 7W accessory
Drag knife accessory

Waiting for honest offer


I am very interested in the CNC machine since it is in Europe. How much was the machine used and what is your offer.



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PM sent. Please check your inbox

Hi Bcadet if you haven’t sold your Onefinity could you tell your asking price, and if possible, shipping to the UK
Much obliged

Hi Derek,

Hope you are good. I still have it yes.

The machine is #47. Everything is working as if it was new. It has been well taken of and maintain as
per Onefinity requirements. I have all the initial bills for accountability. Unfortunately I am very sas to sell it cause I am now living in an apartment and dont’ have any space for it. Still have the original packaging.

Onefinity CNC machine
3 makita routers
Jtech laser 7W + accessories
Probe for zeroing the bits
several bits
Drag knife

I am selling the all package for 3000$ (onefinity itself is 2500$ And laser 500$). The rest can be consider as free. 2700euros.

I can surely shipped it to UK. I will need to check the cost of it.

Thank you.

Just a heads up for potential buyers. This machine is past its warranty date so there will be no warranty with it.

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