Woodworker for sale?

s there anyone selling the larger woodworker pro still in box? I am supposed to be teaching high school classes with it in a month, and our order is way too far out to get it in time.
Thank you for anybody that can help

Where are you located and what is your delivery date on your order?

I do have one. In the box never used. I had a life change between the time I order and the time I received my CNC. So it just sits here till the time that I can use it or sell it whichever comes 1st .

Andrew, if the OP doesn’t purchase, I’m interested. Mail me on braddo_99@yahoo.com. Cheers. Brad

Hey all! I ended up getting one local! Brad, you’re up!


If brad is a no go, I’m interested depending on were you are located. I’m in michigan.

I’m still ready to go, but haven’t heard from Andrew yet.

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Sorry guys thank you for your interest however I have already sold the unit I had

Too bad you are not closer to Las Vegas.

Do you still have?

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for another woodworker! I’m up in WA state, but happy to pay for shipping if not within a couple states range!
Anyone Shoot me an email if anyone changes their mind!

I have a onefinity woodworker cnc for sale never used it ,my number is 6076252504,thank you fred.

I’m interested, which model? 50 or 35? Any accessories? Where are you located?
Please send me an email.

Thank you,

Which model and what price? Will you ship? Email me at robert_swank@verizon.net please.

Hello do you still have your onefinity for sale? Thanks! Text me at 832-576-5696 or email at boliu1993@gmail.com thanks!

Andy, do you still have the Onefinity? If so what are you asking for it?please advise