Woodworker QCW frame for sale (used) - Chicago area

I have a lightly used Woodworker QCW frame (secure from beneath) I’m looking to sell. I’m upgrading to the Journeyman and won’t be needing this one anymore. I’m located in the Chicago area. Save on tax, wait, etc…Asking $300. Message for more info or if interested!

Are you selling your woodworker as well?

Just the QCW and woodworker x-35 Axis only is available.

What are you looking to get for both? What is included with the x-35 gantry / rail? I just bought a journeyman that I am thinking may be too big for my garage.

Looking for $300 for the QCW and probably another $300 for the x-35 gantry w/ stiffy. Ive replaced my woodworker for the Journyman already, so the cables and such that you have for your journeyman should work perfectly with the x-35 w/ stiffy. So, the QCW and inluded hardware and then just the X-35 gantry w/ stiffy: both for $600 obo. Where are you located?

I have sent you a PM. Thanks

Did you see my message and pictures I sent via PM?

Any chance the X35 is still available?

It is still available!