Woodworker QCW Frame Secure From Above

Good day fellow makers! I have a Woodworker QCW Frame (Secure from Above) Version that I ordered and decided not to go with. The QCW is still in the original package and just opened to check to make sure it was what it was.

If you are interested let me know.

Hi Melissa,

Do you still have the QCW for sale? If so, what price are you asking and are you willing to ship?

Thank you,



I still have it. I am willing to ship and price wise I would take $250.00, as there are a couple dings on it. I can ship as well, but you would cover that cost.

Hi Melissa,
As long as any other dings not affect the functionality and sounds good to me. What city and state will you be shipping from? I wanted to just get an online estimate from FedEx so I can have an idea of what the shipping cost will be.

It will be coming from Minneapolis MN
I believe it’s 35 lbs.

Ok. It appears that FedEx has a saver rate that is around $35. Whatever is the cheapest is fine with me. I don’t need it in a hurry. I can pay you via PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, or Zelle? May I send you the payment for the QCW then when you get the amount for shipping I will send you that amount?

Good day,

I sent you a couple texts. Let me know if you received it

Hello, is this still available?