Woodworker X-50 For Sale South Georgia

For Sale Woodworker X-50 32X32
(I finally got my Elite machine).
Still available

Includes 10.8 Monitor, Joystick, Rowdy Roman Dust Boom,Y Drag Chain plus extra Drag Chain for X rail if you want to switch from curly cable, extra wires.
Kreg Table 44x44” with a very substantial (heavy) and flat 3” torsion box work surface with T-tracks and an accessory drawer underneath.
Controller and wiring mounted thru and under table and are easily moved, removed or rerouted.

All you need is a Makita router, an xyz probe and a dust boot.

2,300.00 for everything.

Located South Georgia 40 min. north of Tallahassee,Fl.


Hi Scott, I’m looking for a woodworker and I was wondering what the shipping cost would be either to me here in West Coast South Vancouver, Canada, or to Point Roberts, Washington State (just a mile away from me.) I’m thinking you may have calculated some shipping costs already…
You may not want the hassle of shipping, but it might help us both out…
If you want to reply direct, email is iansizer@telus.net.

Thanks! Ian

Sorry my friend there’s no way to ship the table and top it would cost way to much. You probably could get better shipping from Onefinity on a new one based on where you are.
Thanks for inquiring

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Thanks Scott, Of course, you are right. Actually I wouldn’t have minded the drive, but the time and cost of gas is a bit steep!!

Thanks for your response. Good luck with the sale!

Do you think this will fit in the bed of a Toyota Tacoma?

Not sure about that. But legs are 44” x 44” apart and the lower rail is about 9” above the floor.
You could disassemble the bench and prop the table on its side.
You don’t want to get the MDF table top wet at all.
A borrowed or rented box trailer would be the most convenient for you.

Very interested. Just trying to figure out how to get this to Savannah.

Ok that’s great. Don’t rush I have some medical issues and will be down in Miami until the 10th. But you can try me when ever I might be able to get my brother to get you access. Just advise.
FYI the table top is 60” wide X 50” deep.