Woodworker (x32)


I have a woodworker (32" cut) that I am looking to sell. Had a change in my living situation and just don’t have room for it, unfortunately. It works well. I would say it has some light use one it. I included some pics of things I made with it. It’s currently collecting dust in storage :(.

I am asking $1,250 + shipping (or free local pickup or potential delivery).

I am located in the Omaha, NE area.

CNC receipt.pdf (135.1 KB)

Hi I am interested in this. I am in Twincities, MN.
How much is the shipping cost?

I am currently working with a buyer right now. I will reach back out if that falls through.

Also interested with shipping to 23462.

Is this still available?

Also interesred ,Oregon,97914