Woodworker X35 for sale!

Located in Ontario Canada. Don’t use it as much as I thought I would so I have:

Woodworker x35 with stiffy - $2400
with 10.8” touch screen display
and suck it dust boot. Onefinity controller

7w pro j-tech laser - $700
with controller

All prices listed are negotiable

Where in Ontario are you at? I’m in Windsor.

Is that asking in CAD or USD?

hey josh,

im located near orangeville, ontario and yes all prices are in canadian. also wanted to mention that i found out that im able to sell the cope of Vcarve desktop i have with a license transfer. ill just have to contact vetric to do so. so i will be offering the program for $100 off regular price if you purchase the machine. so that would make it $$325 canadian

Hey Ryan, I realize its been a while but is it still available, if so how old is it and can you send pic’s, thanks

Hi Ryan,
Are you still selling your machine- I realize it’s been a while but curious.
I am also in Orangeville- so if you do- I’d be interested!