Woodworker x35 new in boxes

My Woodworker is brand new and still in the boxes. It has the 10.8 screen and stiffy support bar. I also have the suckit dust boot and touch probe. Looking to get $2000 for everything. I am located in Virginia, about 40 miles west of DC. Let me know if you are interested.


I know the machine is unused/still in boxes, but how old is it/is there remaining warranty? Are you including a router for this price? Do you know what shipping to 37381 (Tennessee) would be? Thanks.

Hi Dan,

It is out of warranty as of June 2022 (one year since received.) I don’t have a router to include. The shipping looks to be around $230 for the three boxes. Thanks again.

Thanks Bob. I’ll let you know if I decide I am interested.

Sounds good. Thanks again.

Is this still available?

Hey Mike,

It is still available.

Hey Bob,

Is it still available, I’m at VT and driving up to NY Sunday and am interested. Why don’t you email me and we can exchange numbers. ppieka88@vt.edu

Thank you

Hey Patrick,

Yes, it is still available. I am located not too far from DC so if you are coming up that way, it would be fairly convenient to pick-up along the way.

My number is 703-659-3081.



Still available?
Im interested in it!