WTB- 7" or 10" Touch Screen monitor

Looking to purchase the 7" or 10" screen for my Woodworker. Did not originally purchase w Machine, and missed a chance to order one separately as the item has been removed from Onefinity’s inventory.

Shipping to 46804, PayPal preferred

were you still looking for the touch screen? i bought one and didn’t end up using it, had it out of box maybe 2 days. i know its been a bit, worth a shot.

Hey sorry for delayed response- yes id be interested in one!

Man, sorry. Just shipped it out yesterday.

Ah bummer! Well thx for responding!

Hello i have a new 10" screen that i will not be useing if you are needing one .

Hey! Sure, want to email me or is there a private message board here for payment and details?

It is new i used it just for start up i like using laptop better comes with holder 125.00 +shiping let me no others are interesting thanks.

Did you pick up Ray’s display? If not, I have a 7” (display).

If someone needs one I have a 10" collecting dust. I upgraded to a larger monitor and was keeping it for a backup.

@mtfunhog or @Dr-Al

If either of you are still looking to sell your displays I would be glad to pick one up. Send me a PM if they are available. Thanks!