WTB: Journeyman QCW (secure from below)

Looking to purchase a Journeyman QCW (secure from below). Checking to see if anyone has one they are looking to sell before I purchase new.

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Where are you from? I want to sell my qcw but I am from germany

I am in the states, so a little too far away. Thank you though.

I have a brand new X50 journey man in Kansas. Built only tested out the axis. Installed on custom built table on wheels.

Only looking for a QCW frame.

Ok sorry didn’t see or look at the post close enough.

i am considering upgrading to the Elite and would be willing to consider selling my Journeyman. I am in Seattle, where are you?

Only looking for a QCW frame.

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I sent you message regarding your cnc.

I am located in Norfolk Virginia. I am looking tl sell my qcw (secure from beneath) frame.

Just to verify that it is fir a Journeyman? Anything wrong with it? Why are you selling? How much shipped to 54942?

Yes its for the journeyman. Nothing is wrong with it. I originally had my cnc mounted on the wall and it required me to have the qcw. I changed my mind about having it mounted on the wall and built a table for it.

Sounds like you have others interested. I had previously asked how much shipped, but I didn’t get an answer. So I assumed you didn’t want to ship. If others fall through please let me know how much shipped. Thank you and hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.