WTB Woodworker near Boston

Anyone selling their Woodworker or changing heart with a near term shipment? Hello to all on this great forum!

I am in the Boston area, if you already have it, would prefer to pick up if possible, which could be a few hundred miles.


May I inquire as to your need: Business, Educational, Hobby, etc? In Norfolk, MA

Hello Hurdo, thanks for the reply.

I am a hobbyist and was hoping to get a CNC router to cut some panels for my kids’ play structure this summer. The lead time on the Onefinity makes that pretty impossible. I just recently heard of them, looks like a very cool machine for the money!

But I am also a bit of a tinkerer and have some ideas for carbon fiber flexures I’d like to cut for a crazy subwoofer idea I have. I built two 3D printers previously and could probably get a kit at Open builds but I just think the OF machine is sleeker and at least looks more stable than the vwheel on extrusion types.

Is your machine on order or in your shop now? What is the setup and how many hours? What was your use case?

Hope you are well!

Thanks again,


Hi Brad: I am just a hobbyist. New to CNC. I made my choice after watching Ben Meyer’s YouTube videos and doing my research. I wanted to try something new and maybe learn some CAD/CAM in the process. My machine is S/N 10074. I received it last August. It’s kinda temporally set up in my shed. I have been getting to know and understand it and adding bells and whistles since then. Lately, I have been playing with various interfacing with the controller. So far, I haven’t cut anything with it…lol…but I am close. I was just waiting for all the dust to settle. I know how these things go, especially for early adopters. I looked into many other machines before making my decision. Let me tell you, hands down I believe this is the biggest bang for the buck from anybody by far, period. It is a beast! You can’t appreciate it until you set it up, in about an hour! Anyway, since I am long-winded you can contact me outside the forum via hurdo@verizon.net.

Opps…S/N 10071 not 10074.