WTB X-35 Machinist in TX (done)

Looking to buy a X-35 Machinist (would prefer w Stiffy).

In or around Houston would be great, but can travel to Dallas/Austin/etc.


Hi Mike,

I’m in Duluth, MN - not ‘close’ but I’ve made the trek to Texas many times in the past for business. I’ve decided to sell my machine. The machine is also listed in the CNC For Sale thread but thought I’d give you a shout anyway.

It’s brand new in the box. It’s been sitting in my shop waiting for a backordered QCW accessory since July 30. The incessant waiting is killing me - I bought the machine to use for my business. At this point I would just like to recover some of my expense and start over.

My invoice came to $2,503.78 including shipping and sales tax. I’d be willing to accept $2200.00

The components ordered were:

  • CNC Woodworker (32" x 32")
  • Onefinity controller
  • Joystick
  • Suckit Dust Boot Pro
  • 10.8" touchscreen.

Dale Nielsen

Thanks but space is a consideration for me, and the Machinist is best fit at this time. Good Luck.

Thanks for the reply, Mike. It sold last Thursday shortly after it was listed and should be in it’s new owner’s hands tomorrow! I completely understand about space - The Woodworker takes up as much room as a Walmart parking lot. :wink: I’m down but not out - planning to order a new Woodworker X50 next week. The long story is that I had the X35 sitting in my shop since July 30. I never unboxed anything because I’m waiting for a QCW frame. Meanwhile the warranty clock ticks away…

Best wishes to you!

closing post, as I purchased a woodworker

Where/how did you find one?

It was posted here on For Sale or Trade. I’m in Houston, seller was in San Antonio.